Dragon Tiger

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Dragon Tiger is a traditional game in Cambodia, and now it is also a popular card game in the voslot online casino. The concept behind this game is simple: In this two-player live casino game, the player must predict whether the next hand will be a red card or a black card. The game can be played on PC and mobile devices, so whether you are at home or on your smartphone, you can enjoy this exciting live casino game! Voslot provides a new interface that brings the excitement of live video casinos combined with trusted bookmaker odds to bring an exciting gaming experience.

The rules of the online Dragon Tiger game are simple and fast

Voslot is a very simple and easy-to-operate real-life dragon and tiger fighting game. The gameplay of this poker game is similar to a mixture of baccarat and blackjack. You can bet on the dragon side or change to the tiger side. In each game, the croupier only deals two cards, one on each side. The maximum is K, and the minimum is A. Players can freely place bets on either side. The final result is based on the number of cards of both sides to determine the winner. This exciting game is full of enthusiasm. With just a few simple betting rules, you can have a lot of fun from our game. Dragon Tiger live-action games are becoming more and more popular among players. It uses different mathematical probabilities to increase the chances of winning, especially when winning big prizes!

Dragon Tiger point size

The live-action dragon-tiger fighting game is very simple. In each game, the croupier only sends two cards, each of which has a larger card ratio. The maximum is K and the minimum is A. The rest are calculated according to the number of points on the card, 10<j<q< k.=”” if=”” the=”” cards=”” have=”” same=”” number=”” of=”” points,=”” they=”” will=”” be=”” compared=”” to=”” suit=”” size,=”” and=”” order=”” size=”” is=”” spades=””>hearts> clubs> squares. If the points and suits are the same, this round is regarded as a [tie].</j<q<>

Dragon Tiger betting types

All online gamblers can freely bet on “Dragon”, “Tiger”, “Harmony”, “Dragon Black”, “Dragon Red”, “Tiger Black”, “Tiger Red” and other various options. Those who note “Dragon” and “Tiger” each lose half.

Online Dragon Tiger Odds

Bet Odds
Dragon (If you draw, you will lose half of your bet) 1
Tiger (If you draw, you will lose half of your bet) 1
Tie (that is, the two houses have the same number of points) 8
Dragon Black (the color is spades and clubs). 0.9
Dragon Red (the color is red hearts and squares). 0.9
Tiger black (the color is spades and clubs). 0.9
Tiger red (the suit is red hearts and squares). 0.9

Voslot online casino can be used to count or automatically detect the appearance probability of cards. Players analyze the statistics of the remaining cards and the expected value of each card. By recording the dealt cards and the number of players and dealer cards still in the game, the red cards, black cards, single cards, and double cards that have appeared are recorded (using Excel), and the remaining cards Calculate the ratio of the cards, and you can find the time when the expected value is positive. If you calculate the odds, reds and blacks at the same time, you can bet with confidence for more than half of the time, so the best time to place a bet is when the player grasps the expected value to be positive.

Voslot Online Dragon Tiger's RTP

This unique online casino game can provide multiplayer games, or single-player games with live dealers. You can play live dealer games with other players through a live virtual Chinese-themed casino to challenge you to become the champion of Dragon Tiger Casino.
Bet Type RTP
Dragon/Tiger 96.27%
Tie 82.17%
Side bets 92.31%

The history of dragon and tiger games

Dragon Tiger was originally launched in Cambodia in Asia. In the beginning, “Dragon Tiger” was originally a card game created in Asia for educational purposes. However, it has become a popular gambling game in casinos all over the world. Began to appear in casinos in different parts of the world.

Use betting techniques in voslot to get high rewards quickly

Make good use of bet allocation

In fact, the most important technique of the Dragon Tiger game is to play the various techniques of betting. When we are betting on the real dragon and tiger, the real dragon and tiger all have a certain [Limit Red]. The so-called [Limit Red] refers to the player’s maximum betting limit at the gaming table. What a player needs to do is to make a specific betting distribution selection within the bonus limit. If we want to bet a huge bet, then we must make a specific distribution of the principal.

Follow the rules

Regarding the dragon and tiger fight, the changes and rules are indeed difficult to find, but in the endless game, there will always be some cards that have regularity, and they continue to develop according to certain rules, some of which are unbelievable. It will develop according to a certain law, but it may also be broken somewhere. Yes, the card game has formed a certain pattern, and it is also random, and it is normal to change somewhere. However, we can place bets corresponding to the rules and achieve profitability. When the rules change, players stop betting.

Know how to read signs

  1. The first so-called “jump” means that the dragon and the tiger only appear once, and the opposite becomes the tiger and the dragon the second time, without appearing twice in a row. We call it “jump”, that is, single jump.
  2. The second so-called “lian” refers to dragons and tigers appearing more than twice in a row. Each time it appears more than twice in a row. We call it “Lian”.
  3. The third so-called “stickiness” is the dragon and the tiger. Starting from the dragon in the second row, to the dragon in the tenth row, the dragon and the tiger are connected, like plywood glued together, that is, a long dragon.
  4. The fourth so-called “mixed card shape” refers to both “jumping”, “connecting”, and “sticky”, and there are many of each, or containing more than two. We call such a card shape “mixed card shape”.

Play online Dragon Tiger with real money at voslot

Dragon Tiger has a unique Chinese style, simple gameplay, and a high chance of winning, but the dealer always has an advantage. When playing real money games, money management is crucial. Players are advised to gamble responsibly. Because of the above advantages, we recommend that all players can place bets and use real money to place bets on the voslot online casino. You can get high game rewards and promotional rewards.